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    Dehydration & Environmental Systems, Inc (DES) manufactures and markets a system for dewatering and drying the solids from liquid slurries, providing an environmentally friendly way to reuse the waste.

    - The DryVac System -

    The DryVac system performs the dewatering and the drying in two phases within the same unit. The system uses thermal vacuum and dehydration to produce dried solids with low emissions, high-energy efficiencies and where applicable pathogen kill.  The DryVac system can be used in wastewater or process situations where dewatering & drying are needed and/or provide an economic, regulatory, or public relations benefit. DES offers this product in a variety of ways from a simple sale to build, own and operate contracts. DES has established relationships with several other advanced technologies. This allows DES to address the situations where a customer wants assistance upstream and downstream of the DryVac system. DES is able to offer a complete wastewater or process solution for handling waste.


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